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Counseling for LGBTQ+

LGBTQ people often face unique challenges in addition to the commonplace challenges that life brings. I have been specializing in working with the LGBTQ community for over 12 years. I help LGBTQ teens and adults work through the societal hurdles that often accompany being different and/or marginalized. I support people who are transitioning to their preferred gender, dealing with coming out, among other issues LGBTQ people face, and I work with their families and partners to help build and maintain positive relationships. I am well versed in the issues transgender people and their families may face. I am qualified to provide transgender clients with letters for hormone therapy or surgery. I also work with LGBT couples and the unique challenges that those relationships may have.

Counseling for Teens

I help young people navigate adolescence: the challenging multi-verse of school, identity issues and the online world.  I encourage them to understand the relationship between responsibility and freedom. If they want more freedom, they have to demonstrate more responsibility. I have worked with teens who are having difficulty fitting in at home or in school, or who are having trouble respecting the boundaries these places create for them. I understand the developmental challenges of these years. I help parents better understand their children (both adoptive and biological) and develop new skills for parenting. We can address issues of self discovery, moving into adulthood, self-harm, ADHD, peer issues and social skills. I also work with families who have sexual orientation or gender identity issues within their family system, whether it be a parent or a child. I help parents understand then accept their child’s gender variant or transgender nature.

Counseling for Couples

Relationships can be hard. But they don’t have to be. Love is work. Learn how to work better together. Research finds that healthy relationships are the key to happiness. Learning to communicate effectively can improve your connection to your partner. We will practice active listening, establish fair fighting rules and learn how to accept your partner, versus trying to change them.

Consulting and Training for Groups and Organizations

I offer workshops and training tailored to an organization’s needs. I will work with you to develop a program right for your audience. I have facilitated over 30 workshops on LGBT Cultural Competency for school counselors, social workers, and other helping organizations. 

Other Resources

You can download a PDF of resources, especially for transgender people, like doctors, surgeons, psychologists, therapists and support groups. Be aware that this list is ever evolving and is not an endorsement of any providers.  

Download your Client Paperwork before our first meeting:

Transgender Resource Guide


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